Participate In Yachting High Season In Occoquan, Virginia By Joining The Yacht Club!

Boating season usually kicks off sometime in May, and yachting high season in Occoquan, Virginia gives you the perfect excuse to join the city yacht club. The OYC or the Occoquan Yacht Club is affordable to join for all local boating enthusiasts and offers a number of membership benefits such as competitions with prizes, social activities, and cruises! The club offers something for everyone— ranging from the novice boatsman to the seasoned sailor.

Get Educated The Right Way!

Staying safe while boating is as important as it is to have fun during yachting high season, which is why the OYC is keen on educating all members. Boating safety awareness prevents serious injuries or fatalities from occurring while out on water. A relaxed atmosphere lends itself to easy learning in a social environment where ideas are easily exchanged and friendships are forged.

Who Can Join The Yachting Club?

The yachting club is open for anyone and everyone to join. Whether you’re the captain of your own boat or you sail with family, you can add additional members to your membership. The OYC is in complete compliance with the Boat Owners Association while also retaining a valid membership with Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association.

Win An Award!

Since 1986, annually a new award recipient is chosen by the OYC’s Commodore. This is a tradition to offer an award to an exceptional member that has gone above and beyond from what’s expected of all members. The award winners are not board members and the selection process is more than fair, which is yet another reason to become a yachting club member.

With yachting high season right around the corner, what better way to show your love of the maritime by joining the OYC? You can make lifelong friends, win awards, participate in social events, and do what you love!

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What Do Yacht Charters Provide During Your Trip?

Each yacht charter is a little different, but they all have one thing in common, a luxury sailing experience. You can look at what each of them offers before you book your experience. Where do you plan on traveling? The yacht you charter is definitely going to have a captain or a skipper and a crew.

Yachts are often equipped with WiFi, and there are all kinds of other amenities. Your meals are of course going to be provided, and you are going to have access to TV, DVDs and much more. Yachts are of course air-conditioned, and one adventure you might want to look forward to is snorkeling. The gear will, of course, be provided.

If fishing is one of the planned activities, fishing gear and tackle will be provided as well. There might be barbecue grills on board, too. You can see how chartered yachts pretty much have everything that you can expect to find inland. It’s not easy to accomplish that when you’re out on the water, but yachts are luxurious indeed.

You still might want to pack certain items, especially if you’re going to be gone for a while. But yacht charters make it their business to provide everything you need for a luxurious experience. Your excursion is meant to be a pampering of sorts, and you’re really going to enjoy yourself.

The list of available amenities and provisions goes on and on, from the kitchen to the linens to the other equipment and more. Let’s say you need some ice. Well, the crew can take care of that for you. And you can expect a nice gourmet meal aboard a yacht to be sure. Overall, you can expect a grand adventure, and hopefully, you have such a great time that you plan to book another yacht charter again in the future.